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Month: March 2017

I bought a new jump rope



A jump rope provides a fantastic and inexpensive way to get into shape. It improves coordination, strength, and agility. Moreover, it provides an exceptional cardio workout. I did my research and was surprised by how much the jump rope has evolved from being a simple length of rope made from hemp.

There’s now a wide variety of jump ropes boasting different designs and styles. We now have indoor and outdoor ropes, along with weighted and unweighted grips. Due to the increased interest in physical fitness in the 1970s, the jump rope also became hugely popular.

I decided to skip rope for fitness as it gives me an alternative to doing cardio workouts indoors when the weather outside is not so friendly. With the weight of the body distributed evenly on the balls of the feet when the user lands, the activity is less stressful on the ankles and knees.

There is also less impact on the joints. Furthermore, the chances of injury are reduced. If you want to build cardiovascular stamina, skipping rope provides a great solution. The wrists, legs, shoulders and arms along with the rest of the body will benefit.

I chose a 7-foot rope since that is the right length for people my height (4’10” to 5’5”). Those who are 4’5” tall or shorter can use a 6-foot rope. Eight-foot ropes are for those 5’5” to 6’ tall, while 10-foot ropes are best for those over 6 feet tall.

If you want to determine the exact length of rope for you, however, you just need to stand in the center of the cord. The tips of the handle should come up to your armpits, and when you jump over the rope, it should just brush the floor under your feet. Should the cord hit the floor in front of the feet, it has too much length.

I also had to choose among standard speed ropes, fitness and training ropes, long-handle ropes, standard beaded ropes, cloth ropes and PowerBead™ ropes.

Available in long, double dutch and single rope lengths, a standard speed rope is designed for general purpose skipping. This type features an easy, free-spinning grip and low-density shatterproof polyethylene handles. It is the best all-purpose rope for instructing different groups of varying ages.

Fitness and Training ropes utilize the same type of phthalate-free, solid vinyl cord found in standard speed ropes but are equipped with a different handle design for users who like larger grips better along with a thicker cord that is 30 percent heavier to provide higher turning resistance for a more challenging workout.

I choose this type, and it comes with shatter-proof, low-density polyethylene handles. My fitness and training rope offers the best style for cardiovascular training. The large handles are designed for an adult hand.

There are also long-handle speed ropes that provide smooth turning and an easy-hold grip, making them perfect for users who prefer a longer handle. Long-handle ropes make it easy to perform ‘crosses.’ If you prefer this type, look for one with a lightweight cord of the same quality as a standard speed rope.

Long-handle ropes are ideal for rotation, arm action and multiple under skills. However, their use requires training with standard-length rope handles first. They are not suitable for young children.

Beaded ropes are configured to ensure success for beginners and advanced users. Beaded ropes are suitable for all conditions, with their shatterproof, low-density polyethylene handles molded for a comfortable fit in the hands. Covering the entire high-strength braided cord length are unbreakable, low-density polyethylene beads designed to withstand striking any surface.

PowerBead Ropes offer optimal weight for power, strength, cardiovascular and endurance cross-training. Cloth ropes are woven in double dutch lengths only. They should be of medium length for effortless control while being able to deliver a good arc when turning.

Cloth ropes are the easiest to control aside from providing an exceptional arch, but they tend to get dirty during outdoor use.

I hope my jumping rope can give me the level of workout I need to stay fit and energetic.



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