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The freak

Hi everyone! Are you ready for a good workout? If you are here, I know you must be! I am a fitness enthusiast who likes trying all kinds of crazy routines in order to get better and better. It is my purpose in life to reach a point of physical fitness that will be on par with that of the best athletes in the country. Do you think that’s possible? I know that’s true! With enough work and dedication, everyone can get where they want to be. I have also found other ways to improve my results as a fitness freak and I am continuing to do so. That is why this blog is for documenting all the crazy new regimens I find, my results and how others are better than the rest. I hope you will find something you would like to try, too and that your visits to my blog will be fruitful in this regard.

I am not only a big fan of new routines. I am also a big fan of all these new gadgets that are on the market today that practically are meant to enhance your results. For instance, there is a device right now capable of measuring the fat percentage in your body and muscle mass, just by placing sensors all over your body. Normally, you would have to go to your doctor and have some pretty state of the art machines get a good look at you to tell you that, but now you can do so by getting the right gadget for this. So, this is the kind of thing I am into and I will talk about in my future blog posts.



Heart rate monitoring devices will also be on my list and I will tell you all about them. The thing with them is that they can tell you when you get your heart to pump up more blood, so you can use the extra energy to enhance your fitness levels. These are useful when you are exercising, because you will know when you are really pushing yourself. If there is one thing I love in life is to push myself, so I can get all the results I want. I simply do not want to be exercising in blind, without knowing how better I got, so that is why I use all kinds of devices that can tell you how I’m doing.

And let’s not forget about all the interesting wearables that they are now selling. Everything about them and more will be shared in future blog posts, so don’t forget to come back and feel free to stick around!